Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Snow

This is no Joke! Check out the snow that accumulated today, April Fools Day! It's been warming up so nicely and then all of a sudden this:) You can either be totally bummed that it's snowing again, or be super excited that you got one more chance to play in the snow and build your first snowman!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Chilly Morning With Animals

Today Brady decided that we don't have enough family days. It's totally true, with both of us working, and Brady getting his photography business going, there are not a lot of days where we can get out together as a family. So he suggested we make a day of it and head out to the zoo. It was a great idea! We've never been to the zoo when there has been so much action! We got there when it opened, and today was a fairly chilly day, so all the animals were out and active this morning! We got to see all 3 baby tigers playing... I say baby cuz they are not even a year old yet, but you can see from the pic how big they already are! Did you know that apes really do thump their chests and scream? It's true! Tino must have thought Ansley was cute, cuz we were walking up to his exhibit and he was just chilling out in the sun, all the kids were watching being quite bored. Once we got there though he decided to come out of the shade and talk to Ansley make motions to her and then thump his chest just like you see in the movies! It was awesome! Then once he said his piece he went right back to leaning up against a post and relaxing. We even got to see the baby elephant and her mom doing tricks! I must say that normally when we go the only fun animals are the orangatangs, which most of you know can be pretty hilarious! So bundle up everyone and head to the zoo early!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sparkly Ears


This morning Ansley woke up and excitedly stated, "I got earrings Mom!"

That's right, I finally went and got her ears pierced:) She had been asking me for a while and I told her we could when she was 2 cuz I figured I could just get both girls ears done at that point. But then someone told her that it would hurt so she got scared, so I put it off. But now it's obvious Shirley's not going to get hair soon either, so girly earrings here we come!

Everyone asks... HOW WAS IT? It's honestly just like when they get shots at the doctors, painful, but VERY short lived tears. So for the first time I officially get to say that Shirley got something FIRST:) I'm sure being the second child she won't get to say that very often, but she got her ears pierced first. That wasn't the plan of course... I didn't want Ansley to see her cry, but in the end I think it worked out for the better. Ansley knew it was going to hurt, but seeing how quickly Shirley calmed down I think helped her. Ansley sat in my lap during the process and was so terrified of how it was going to hurt she screamed when the girl cleaned her ears saying that it hurt. Of course I said are you sure... You don't think that maybe it was just cold? Then she didn't want the girl to draw a dot on her ears, so we had Ansley draw on the girl (the girl was awesome!), Ansley thought that was pretty cool. But still terrified I told her she didn't have to do it if she didn't want to. She cried saying that she wanted to go home, I said OK, but she stayed, she sure is brave, she knew what she wanted, knew it was going to hurt, but stuck through it. So punch, it was done. Lots of tears, but then the mirror... thru the tears was a huge smile, a grin ear to ear. "I like them Mom, I like my earrings, sparklies!" The first cleaning that night she claimed that it hurt, but I think it was just the memories from the afternoon because all the cleanings today were fine. She was just happy to have sparklies in her ears. She really enjoyed showing them off, so next time you see her make sure you check them out!

It honestly makes my little baldies look totally girly and SO ADORABLE!!! Seriously... I was kind of shocked at the difference:)

It's Hard To Grow Up

Especially when you have a younger sister that plays with all of your 'old' toys that are now 'NEW' again way more fun to play with! These toys are obviously way too young for Ansley, and HELLO!!! too small!!! I don't know how I even get the tray on that seat when she wants to sit in it... though it's hilarious that she is stuck in there and can't get out without my help:)

It's interesting though to think about how at this age kids are dying to grow up and do things on their own, yet at the same time fight growing up by acting like babies. This morning she was playing with Shirley, laying on the floor like Shirley, asking to be held like Shirley. Then her 5 year old cousin comes over and she wants to be just like him, following him like a puppy dog, and copying his every move. In the end she became herself... playing with her dolls, eating with a fork, and watching an Elmo movie in Mommy's bed with her chocolate milk and cookies. (Yes normally it's Hannah Montana, but tonight Daddy found an Elmo movie and she got hooked and went to bed late!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Months & 80 Degrees

Shirley is 3 months! (well 3 months and 1 week) I took some cute snap shots of her this afternoon before we get to busy to get her all important 3 month portraits. I like the way they turned out, though I'll need Brady to adjust them a little, but I know I'll HAVE TO WAIT FOREVER, hint, hint:)

Can you believe it snowed this weekend and then got up to 80 today!!! It was so nice!!! We finally took a walk, and the girls loved it. It's so nice to have it finally warm up. Ansley is anxious to go out every possible minute she can, it's definitely been too long for her to be couped up, especially w/o leaving much cuz of a new baby! And then I took her to St. George and teased her with warm weather there... man I'm a mean lady! This week though Shirley has started to take to basking in the sun:) She's had a couple of fussy moments as they both battled a cold this weekend, but when I took her outside she cheered right up. Today on her walk, she was so tired but couldn't go to sleep cuz she was so happy to be outside!